Let's talk about: The Covid vaccine

Re: News has collected some of the concerns around the Covid-19 vaccine. These come from people like you, who follow and comment on our content, our friends and whānau, and our own team members. 

We’ve put together stories unpacking them, hopefully easing worries around unknowns, and providing information for conversations in your families and communities. We hope you find it useful.

Let’s talk about: Will vaccines have long term effects?

Let's look into whether vaccines will have long-term effects on us.

Let's talk about: Why Covid-19 is different from the flu

We compare Covid and Influenza and see what the real differences and similarities are

Let’s talk about: How vaccines prevent more mutations of Covid-19

We look at how virus variants emerge and why vaccines help stem the damage

Let’s talk about: How effective is the Covid vaccine, really?

We explain the vaccine's effectiveness in preventing you from getting Covid.

Let's talk about: Why most Covid cases aren't vaccinated

We look at the current outbreak, how many cases have been vaccinated and what that actually means

Let’s talk about: Why the Covid-19 vaccine is safe even though it was made quickly

We look at the speed of the vaccine's development and unpack its 'provisional approval' status

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