Nangs to the door: the curious rise of NZ’s ‘whipped cream’ industry

Why the hell am I so aggressively being advertised whipped cream paraphernalia?

Rivers and whales as people? Legal personhood explained

Aotearoa has three legal personalities, here’s what it means.

The growing trend of rough sex and choking among young people

‘How can you withdraw consent if you can’t breathe?’

How climate change will make your life more expensive

Here’s how the warming planet could significantly drive up day-to-day costs.

Life as a funeral director: ‘Serving my iwi by doing this mahi’

People in the funeral industry say they consider their work an act of service.

How Māori media has contributed to reo revitalisation

It’s been 30 years since Te Māngai Pāho was created.

What it’s like to be a Māori drag queen

‘We’re strong together and we will face anything together.’

Seriously, why is everyone I know moving to Australia?

G’day mate? More like goodbye mate.

Why you might feel like an imposter at work

Feel like you're faking it? So do half of New Zealanders, research shows.

What happens when coalition partners ‘agree to disagree’?

“Agree to disagree” mechanisms are often built into coalition agreements.

Why we're fundraising to go to an Indigenous suicide conference

“It’s about having an opportunity for collective healing.”

3 teenagers tell us what pride means to them

Celebrating pride in schools gives queer students a “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Māori celebrate Matariki in Australia

Ohinga visited the first Matariki festival on the Gold Coast.

Feeding 640 people for Matariki: ‘It’s a cool challenge’

A Māori chef shares one of his recipes for you to make this Matariki.

Students share why they’re ditching school

Unjustified absences have doubled in the last ten years.

  • 24 Jun 24

NZers can't afford to keep their homes warm and it affects renters more

Renters are four to six times more likely to experience energy hardship.

Artists tell us how being young, queer and Asian influences their work

“These things inform my work but they don't define it.”

In photos: Touring 3 Wellington flats

We asked three flat groups how much their rent is and how they feel about flatting.

Why AI facial recognition has a discrimination problem

“It’s only as clever as the engineers and the people who put data into it.”

Indigenous Kanak call on Māori for help: ‘We are the same people’

“Kanak people need their voice heard by the world.”

Life as a Māori translator

"It must be translated with intention."

A day in my life with ADHD

“Having ADHD to me feels like I'm an old iPhone thats battery runs out really quickly.”

How the proposed sick leave changes could impact you

The Government is proposing changes to the Holidays Act.

The ins and outs of sex etiquette in a flat

It can be a sticky situation.

The climate crisis is happening right now in Timor-Leste. I saw it

"It was heartbreaking to see her give up on her dreams.”

How non-Māori learning te reo helps revitalise it

“I am opposed to the idea that only Māori should be part of the revitalisation.”

Toitū te Tiriti: People tell us why they're protesting today

“Whawhai tonu, mana motuhake tātou te iwi Māori.”

In THIS economy? How young business owners are currently holding up

A business association spokesperson explains what it’s like for young entrepreneurs right now.

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