Plus-size influencer Jess Molina on three outfits that define her

Originally from the Philippines, Jess Molina always felt invisible during her youth - particularly finding it hard to shop for items that catered for plus size individuals. While looking, she quickly discovered that the world of fashion portrayed standards that alienated her and others like her. 

She observed that true representation of all people - herself included, was missing in fashion. Jess says “I didn’t want to change myself because of the industry, I wanted to change the industry so people like me could be seen”

This burning passion to change the world of fashion soon went into practice, when she took a fashion paper at high school and was chosen to design the school’s cheerleading uniform. This experience of bringing her own creative vision to life was transformative for Jess - she realised you could express your voice, identity and personality through fashion. From here, Jess wanted more of it. 

After moving to New Zealand, Jess found more clothing options available which she began to experiment with. Going on this journey of self-discovery through fashion was catalogued on her blog and instagram; showing a different side to the world of fashion. Jess introduced to audiences that you could be a plus size person and still be beautiful with your choice of wardrobe. As Jess says “I was able to find my voice with fashion and style”

From here, her blog instagram grew in numbers and the industry took note. Her dreams of more visible representation in fashion came true when she was asked to be an ambassador for the New Zealand Fashion Week - something she’s immensely proud of.

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