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Lorde says "by some stroke of good fortune" she's made it back home to New Zealand for Christmas amid the pandemic, so to celebrate she's released a new music video.

The Kiwi musician released "just a couple of bites" from her song Leader of a New Regime.

"By some stroke of good fortune, I made it home for Christmas this year, which means I can say 'Happy Summer Solstice', and mean it," she wrote to fans in a statement.

"It's the summer solstice today. All day in my brain there’s a secret festival going on. I always try to go outside early in the morning, really take the time to appreciate the longest day, knowing the shortest is gonna take its place sometime soon.

"Solstices should always have offerings. So for you, here’s the Leader of a New Regime video. Just a couple of bites, a feeling, a perfect midpoint in the SP (Solar Power) journey. I hope you like it."

The new video appears to have been shot at a beach, possibly in New Zealand, again.

"It feels unbelievable to be warm again. I've been swimming most days, and my skin is maaarginally less oat milk coloured than it was on that last freezing day in New York," she said of being home.

"Been thinking a lot about last summer, when I was finishing the album and feeling invincible, coming out of a couple quiet years ready to bite down hard."

While looking back on her last tour, Lorde added that she "cannot f****** wait to get back out in front of you this year, in all these beautiful venues, bring you this amazing show we're building".

"Jesus, I've missed it. It's time. I am so stupid grateful for you all. Thankyou, from the bottom of my heart, for caring about me. It'll never, ever get taken for granted."

Top Image: Lorde in her new music video for Leader of a New Regime. Photo: Lorde/YouTube

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