At the 2022 Voyager Media Awards, we won one category and came runner up in two other categories. 

So we're going to toot our own horns and show off our stories. 

Here's the full list of winners so you can take a look at some of the best New Zealand journalism from the last year.

Best photo-essay/story: Young and the Reckless

Young and the Reckless is a documentary about teens who lived on Auckland’s streets.

Photographer Azita Agnew and filmmaker Johnny Agnew spent eight years following these teenagers and chronicling their lives. You can watch the documentary here. 

In this photo essay, Azita documented what life was like for these young people.

The judges said: 

“There were several strong entries in this year’s photo story/essay category but ultimately it was Azita Agnew’s “The Young and the Reckless” story that captured the judges’ hearts.

"The deep look into New Zealand’s ongoing homeless youth problem was remarkable for its intimacy and honesty and was testament to how time spent getting to know in your subject can be so rewarding.

Junior feature writer of the year - runner up: Re:'s Zoe Madden-Smith

Comedowns are the worst, but they don't have to be

MDMA is known for its brutal comedowns. But when it’s used in research, participants don’t report any comedowns at all. So what if it’s not the drug that gives comedowns, but instead the way people take it?

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Cheap rent, compromise and stigma: What it's like living with your parents in your 30s

Finding a flat is often stressful. For some, the process goes nowhere. And even if you get one, you may be paying through the roof for a shithole. So, is it time we get over the stigma of living with your parents as an adult?

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New Zealand needs 1000 more psychologists, and it's hurting people

New Zealanders get told every day if we are struggling with our mental health, “reach out for help”.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says this during the 1pm briefings. Mental health awareness ads on TV say the same thing. Even this macho wrestling campaign has joined the plea.

But when Lucy McLean reached out for professional mental health support when she needed it most, she had to wait five months to see a psychologist. And she is not alone.

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When Lucy McLean presented the ‘Increase the Psychologist Workforce’ petition to parliament via Zoom, they asked supporters to add how long they waited for a psychologist appointment to their Zoom name.

Video journalist of the year - runner up: Re:'s Liam van Eeden

Behind the scenes at Auckland's biggest Vogue ball 

“I vogue because it makes me feel safe and makes me feel like I have purpose.”

We went behind the scenes at the Legacy Ball, Tāmaki Makaurau’s biggest vogue ball and met some New Zealand's boldest beauties.

They flaunted their best looks and moves and told us what voguing means to them.

Watch the video here: 

Should straight people go to gay bars l School for Straights

Queer night clubs have been a safe haven for the rainbow community for decades, but recently, these spaces have been crawling with straight people.

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'All the girls are your cousins': Life as a teen in the Far North

“When I look for girls I go to Dr Google. Gotta make sure we're not close as cousins.”

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Top Image: This is a photo from Azita's award-winning photo-essay. Photo: Azita Agnew
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