Saturday January 22

There are 43 new cases of Covid-19 today.

Of these, 19 are in Auckland, four in Waikato, six in the Rotorua Lakes district, six in Hawke's Bay and eight in Nelson Tasman. 

There are eight people in hospital. None of them are requiring intensive care.

The average age of people currently in hospital is 63.

95 percent of New Zealand's eligible population have had the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and 93 percent have had a second dose. There have been 946,449 booster doses administered. 

There are 41 new cases at the border. 

The nine positive cases in Nelson Tasman are all from the same household. An Air NZ crew member who was on the same Auckland to Nelson flight s these cases has tested positive. This and four other flights the crew member worked have been added the locations of interest. These are: 

  • Flight NZ 5083 from Auckland to Nelson at 5.20 pm on 16 January
  • Flight NZ 5080 from Nelson to Auckland at 4 pm on 19 January
  • Flight NZ 5077 from Auckland to Nelson at 2pm on 19 January
  • Flight NZ 5049 from Auckland to New Plymouth at 7.50 pm on 19 January
  • Flight NZ 5042 from New Plymouth to Auckland at 1.50 pm on 20 January 

Click here for a list of updated locations of interest.

There have been 76 contacts of the Palmerston North Omicron case identified. So far 66 of these have tested negative. 

Top image: People waiting for a vaccination. Photo: Janice Chen/iStock

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