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Winston Peters says he's been trespassed from Parliament grounds for two years by Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard.

Peters said in a statement: "This dictatorial behaviour by Mallard, supported by Labour, should be reserved for third world banana republics".

"The fact that Mallard has chosen to wilfully ignore the gaping holes in his reasoning, as well as the intent and application of the Parliamentary Services Act 2000 and the Trespass Act 1980, is as remarkable as it is evidence of his arrogance knowing no bounds."

The former Deputy Prime Minister added "New Zealanders should not put up with this type of totalitarian behaviour from the Speaker - nor should the Prime Minister or Parliament."

He said, "there is also a difference between those who were on parliamentary grounds taking an active part in the protest - and those who were not.

"Remember the protesters asked me to come and speak with them - as they had asked every single current Member of Parliament who had refused to."

He visited protesters on February 22

He later tweeted that he wanted to "listen to the protesters and hear their side of the story".

"The future of our country depends upon good people refusing to allow the likes of Mallard and like minded cronies to force New Zealand down this pathway of madness without fighting back," he said

Yesterday, former National MP Matt King said he'd been banned after being identified as a protester.

Letters have been sent to identified Parliament protesters warning of a $1000 fine or two months in jail if they enter the precinct.

1News was sent a copy of the letter and have confirmed it has been distributed to anyone who could be identified.

Asked about the trespassing of King, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Tuesday it’s “entirely a matter for the Speaker how he chooses to deal with the aftermath of protests and the attendance of protesters.”

She added, “ultimately the management of the grounds on behalf of all Parliament and all political parties is a matter for the Speaker.”

Top image: New Zealand First leader Winston Peters speaks to supporters at the Duke of Marlborough Hotel on Saturday, October 17, 2020. (Source: Getty Images)

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