Under Cover: Muroki and RIIKI REID

Muroki Mbote Wa Githinji (Muroki) and Raquel Abolins-Reid (RIIKI REID) knew of each other musically before they met personally and became friends. In this episode of Under Cover they reconnect at the Wine Cellar on K Road to catch up on old times as they drill into one another’s childhoods; compare notes on forgetting their own lyrics on stage; and try and remember exactly how they did in fact first meet.

Under Cover is a multi-episode web series produced by Banished Music which centers around two artists entering into conversation with one another. Discussing their livelihoods; artistic practises and inspiration; their life outside of music; and finding a personal connection with one another in their unexpected new Covid-era reality where work as an artist takes on a different meaning.

The conversation is followed by a musical performance where both artists each do a cover version of their favourite song from the others’ back catalogue.

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