Behind the waiata that led the Māori Battalion to war | Rongo Toa

'March to Victory' was written by Corporal Anania Amohau of the B Company.

An 18-year-old wahine composed this sad farewell sung to WWII soldiers | Rongo Toa

Kōhine Whakarua Ponika of Tūhoe and Ngāti Porou descent was an expert in song writing.

The lost Pacific stories of the Māori Battalion | Rongo Toa

“Many don’t realise the significant role our relatives of Te-Moananui-a-Kiwa played [in WWII]”.

This big band hit honours the first Māori Victoria Cross winner | Rongo Toa

‘E te Hokowhitu a Tū’ was written by Tuini Ngāwai for Te Moananui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu

How Aue E Ihu became the Māori Battalion’s special hymn | Rongo Toa

The hymn was sung by soldiers on their departure from Palmerston North on Anzac Day 1940.

A Middle Eastern family talks about how it feels to be displaced | Conversations With My Immigrant…

“I feel like I really wanted to see Syria but now it’s too late."

For former refugees, trauma doesn’t stay in the past

Bilal Nasier fled the Afghan Civil War with his family aged four, travelling for three months to come to Aotearoa. He now dedicates his life to…

The intergenerational trauma of war

Mom Meng came to Aotearoa in 1979 as a refugee from Cambodia. After spending two years in a refugee camp, she arrived in New Zealand with…

Adopting Alex

We sat down with Alex to talk about his journey of adoption from Russia to Aotearoa.

Armistice Day

100 years ago the Armistice was signed, ending WWI. To commemorate this day that changed the world, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has created a…

Brekfist: Peace

Find a little peace today over Brekfist. Johanna and Saraid aren't the only bombshells dropping on this episode - did you know Johanna's Dad was a…

Peace on the Korean peninsula

Despite both Donald Trump and Dennis Rodmans' best efforts, North Korea doesn't promise to denuclearise anytime soon. But is there some form of peace on the…

Our Forgotten Massacre - Japanese Translation

48 Japanese prisoners of war lost their lives in a New Zealand camp in 1943. We take a look New Zealand's forgotten massacre in Featherston.

Poets passionate about NZ's war history

How much do you know about World War I? Local poets are bringing a fresh perspective, remembering our tūpuna in Auckland Museum's new interactive exhibit.

My family is shaped by war

War is a foreign concept for most Kiwis, but for Maha and her family it was a fact of life. Maha shares their journey of surviving…

Our forgotten massacre

48 Japanese prisoners of war lost their lives in a New Zealand camp in 1943. We take a look New Zealand's forgotten massacre in Featherston.

Nancy Wake: The Kiwi spy who evaded Nazis

Nancy Wake was Number One on the Nazi Secret Police's most wanted list. We take a look at the Kiwi the SS called: The White Mouse.

Should we learn about the wars fought right here in NZ?

Ignoring it won't make it go away, so why is there resistance to teach about our country's history?

The nuclear football

Here's a troublesome tale about a football that's not a football and a biscuit that's not a biscuit...both controlled by Trump and both powerful enough to…

Uncovering family history at Auckland War Memorial Museum

'To me it looked like the gates of heaven' - The Auckland War Memorial Museum is more than just a beautiful building, it's also helping Kiwis…

My immigrant grandparents

WWII not only tore apart nations, it tore apart families. Sieska sat down with her grandparents who packed their clogs and sailed to the other side…

Ōtorohanga College slam poetry

Students from Ōtorohanga College created these pieces of slam poetry about the Aotearoa wars alongside poet Te Kahu Rolleston.

NZ Wars commemoration

A student-led petition led to the first ever Raa Maumahara National Day of Commemoration on October 28th 2017. Meet the teens that got over 13,000 signatures…

Re:visit - Invasion of Parihaka

In 1881 1,600 government troops invaded the West Taranaki settlement of Parihaka. 135 years after the invasion, a reconciliation ceremony took place between ngā tāngata o…