Will New Zealand’s State Care System Ever be Decolonised?

The state’s child care and protection system is steeped in colonial principles. It has harmed and disenfranchised thousands of Māori. Is change and decolonisation even possible…

Home schooling

Some do it for the lifestyle and others have more complicated reasons. We delve into the interesting world of homeschooling.

Why is it ok to sit on Santa's lap?

When you take a second to think about it, sitting on Santa's lap is sort of like the Pandora's box of things-we've-been-told-not-to-do.

Being the child of divorce

The effects of divorce spread further than the two people going their seperate ways. We took some time to look at the toll divorce can take…

The horrific history of child abuse in New Zealand

The Kahui twins, Nia, and Moko - names etched into Aotearoa's dark history of child abuse. How does this keep happening?

Same-sex parenting

For same-sex couples in New Zealand starting a family can be difficult. There are limited options and each of them seem to have their own set…

Would you ask a baby for consent?

'Would you mind if I changed your nappy?' - is not a question we hear everyday, but according to the Pikler approach, asking kids for consent…