Being the child of divorce

The effects of divorce spread further than the two people going their seperate ways. We took some time to look at the toll divorce can take…

Interview with a witch

Polly Lind is a witch. She practises a form of paganism that favours the energies of the seasons, connecting with nature and the city surrounding her.

Talking about dying with someone who's dying

Dave has cancer, but he's not letting that get in the way of his life. After all, dying is just another part of living right?

The infamous 27 club

The 'live fast, die young' mantra applied when Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, and Jimi Hendrix became unfortunate members of The 27 Club. We sat down with…

The miracle man of Masterton

Peter Knighton has cheated death so many times he's earned himself the title of Masterton's Miracle Man

The tiny South Island high school where you go snowboarding for course credits

Cromwell College is a school thinking differently. Using the remarkable natural surroundings as their classrooms, students can gain course credits through outdoor activities - teaching them…

Whanganui Awa

The Whanganui awa (river) was the first in the world to become a living entity. Take a look at what te awa means to the locals.

Josie & T: Music

Josie & T explain how music can make you ~feel~ different things and also how sometimes your life is pretty much a music video.