I Love Loops: Loot & Blunder | 48Hours

The wacky misadventures of two unlovable rogues focused on hoarding treasure when what they actually need is a lifeline.

Nominated for:

Dame Gaylene Preston & WIFT Best Female…

Mitchell's Here - Āta | 48Hours

A simple being ventures to The Great Altar. What they witness cannot be unseen.

Grand National 2nd Runner-up

Nominated for:

Ant TImpson Solo/Duo Award

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Pastafarian Productions - Rekindled Spirits | 48Hours

June and Trevor go camping to revive a relationship that is on the rocks. 

Nominated for:

L'Affare Ultra48
Dame Gaylene Preston & WIFT Best Female Director

Best Script
Best Animation
Best Score/Song


Qualified Tim - “DAS BANANA-BOOT” | 48Hours

A war photographer boards a plane armed with activated bombs. Under heavy fire she must find a way to release them before they explode.

Nominated for:

Best Production…

Snack To The Future - Judy | 48Hours

A woman forms an unlikely friendship with her partner’s blow-up doll, after trust is broken in their relationship.

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