Start-ups with Shay

If you're thinking about starting up your own business, Shay lets us in on what to expect, with a few tips and tricks on how to…

A spooky sale in Auckland

Giving up brunch is a scary thought, but it might just be worth it to buy up this house of horror... That's right, Spookers Haunted Attraction…

A Saint or Santa?

How did we get from a generous and caring saint to a clinically obese Santa? It has to do with churches and Coca Cola. Here's the…

Inventing ice cream flavours for a living

Liv dreams up delectable ice cream... and gets paid for it! The self-confessed peanut butter lover is behind one of Aotearoa's most delicious ice creams

A Hidden History of Women in the East End

Mary Ann, Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Annie and Catherine - do these names ring a bell? What if we said Jack the Ripper? This alternative London tour…

Questions you've always wanted to ask NZ's highest-paid dominatrix

We got a chance to sit down with NZ's highest-paid dominatrix & have a kōrero ? Mistress Mariah explains some of her most popular services…

Auckland's Seabin

That pesky plastic is a global problem, but the Viaduct Harbour has a new, innovative technology to keep Tāmaki Makaurau's waterways looking pristine: Seabins!

Kaibosh Food Rescue

Kaibosh is a start-up business that's starting up a food revolution in the Wellington hospitality scene: taking unwanted food, and turning it into a feast!

Goodbye to Mercury Plaza, Auckland's favourite foodcourt

Mercury Plaza has long been a savvy Aucklander's favourite place to grab some top kai. Sadly, time is ticking for this little gem down Mercury Lane,…

The power of indigenous connection

Rotorua recently hosted the World Indigenous Business Forum. It's a hui bringing together young indigenous leaders from around the world to share their experiences and empower…

Girlboss: Helping teen girls become tech leaders

It's difficult to start-up a business at any age, let alone as a teenager! Alexis schools us in how to be a total GirlBoss, encouraging young…

Karma Cola - a social enterprise in Sierra Leone

They're putting the karma back into your cola... Karma Cola are quenching Kiwi's thirst for fairtrade goods, all with a humble nut!

Do You Know This Person? - Mike Hall

Mike found himself out of a job but definitely not out of ideas. Check out how he started the iconic brand, Arcade.

The NZ artist nailing nail art

"I get to paint tiny things and make people happy and that's awesome" - Hello Tanya Nails has been creating tiny works of art on fingernails…

Meet the Kiwi creating lightsuits and costumes for digital dance

Inspired by the likes of Tron and classic Kiwi no. 8 wire, Vospertron Performance Group are taking their incredible lightsuits around the globe.

Caluzzi Cabaret: how two drag queens saved a business

Meet Kita Mean and Anita Wigl'it, the two Auckland drag queens who are carrying on the legacy of Caluzzi Bar and Cabaret and injecting it with…

This small Wellington skincare business shares tips on how to survive the social media battlefield

Working in an industry heavily affected by social media influencers, Sara from Tailor shares some tips and tricks on what to look out for when looking…

Ministry of Awesome

Set up in post-quake Christchurch to help foster young business, the Ministry of Awesome is a hive of activity, ideation and good, old fashioned Kiwi ingenuity!

Sharesies - helping young Kiwis grow their money

Sonya and Brooke launched Sharesies in June this year to remove some of the complexities around investing and help young New Zealanders grow their money.

Nana's Old Wise Tales #7 - Wheat bag Empire

New Year's Re:solution #8: strive for success. Look what Nana did with wheat, material and a dream!

This beloved Palmy bar will be forced to close under proposed curfew

A new local alcohol policy in Palmerston North will see bars outside of business and industrial zones being forced to close earlier. But...why?

Pūhā & Pākehā

Belinda and Jarrad are doing their bit to reconnect kiwis with the traditional kai of Aotearoa through their food truck: Puha & Pakeha. Their spice-rubbed pulled…

Toni Gill graphic desinger artist at Inky Palms K Road Auckland

Inky Palms is a creative space in Auckland that's home to some incredible talent and endless amounts of creativity and inspiration

Cosplay Sculpting

Zen has a degree in neuroscience but that wasn't enough to keep his passion for sculpting masks and other costumes pieces for cosplay at bay!

How we view ownership in the future may change

Do you think you'll own in 50 years? A house? A car? Your own business?

How a UBI could help young business owners

Is a Universal Basic Income an option we should be considering for the future?