Seasick - Saving the Hauraki Gulf

The Hauraki Gulf is a treasure at risk of collapse | Seasick | Ep 1

The great blue playground on the doorstep of NZ's largest city is in trouble. What is being done?

A deep dive on commercial fishing in the Hauraki Gulf | Seasick | Ep 2

How do we balance having fish in shops and restaurants, without over exploiting our marine life.

Fishing the Hauraki Gulf for fun, and its impact | Seasick | Ep 3

"What's alarming is not what's left in the water, it's what has gone."

What's polluting the Hauraki Gulf, and some solutions | Seasick | Ep 4

We explore Auckland’s 100-year-old sewerage system and why not to swim after heavy rain.

Mātauranga Māori and healing the Hauraki Gulf | Seasick | Ep 5

How traditional and dynamic practices like rāhui are helping protect marine life.

Kai Ika is saving unwanted fish heads and feeding communities | Seasick | Ep 6

New ideas to help build a clean blue reputation for the Hauraki Gulf.

The future of the Hauraki Gulf | Seasick | Ep 7

What is being done to save it? Stories of hope.

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