This week, Hans. released ‘Getby’, our first peek into his new project Tango Hue.

Hans. has a knack for transforming everyday motifs into something special. In the video for his Ciara-sampling track ‘better’, he raps in front of his local Korean BBQ and Asian supermarket, imbuing them with a stylishness that people in the neighbourhood probably never noticed before.

In his latest project Tango Hue, Hans. is narrowing his focus even more - all the way down to the home he lives in. Perhaps it’s partly hermit tendencies (turtles are his favourite animal and feature in his video for ‘Petulia’), but it’s also a sign of someone who can see something to talk about and cherish in his day-to-day surroundings.

His first release from Tango Hue is ‘Getby’, a song that sounds as drenched in languid, afternoon sunlight as the music video looks. Sitting on the deck in his backyard in a Manchester United jersey, he and Yery Cho from Imugi 이무기 clutch sojus and rice wine. Framed by bamboo leaves and shot with a lo-fi filter, it’s a scene that makes you want to call up your friends to lie in your backyard (if you’re lucky enough to have one) and gaze at the sky.

“It was shot on my iPhone by my sister on a very hot summer’s day,” says Hans. “If you look closely you can see me ducking a lot and Yery walking off cam a bit into the shade... It was very hot. Art is pain.”

All of Tango Hue was recorded at his home - in the video, he’s sitting right outside the room where it all happened - and he “wanted the visuals to reflect that vibe.”

“The video cost $5, which was to buy the camera app off the App Store. I saw one of the comments pointing out (in a good way) that the video budget was $0... No, it cost a little more than that.”

Catch Hans. at Whammy Bar in Auckland on 15th February. Details here.

Tango Hue is out on 28th February.