Welcome to Re:News’ Naked Week! Re: News journalist Zoe Madden-Smith outlines our coverage.

In today’s world, the opportunity to see a naked body is everywhere. 

It takes seconds to search for porn on your phone. Movies are getting more frisky with full-frontal nudity.

Even watching mainstream tele you can bump into shows like Naked Attraction and Naked and Afraid.

But how much time do you see yourself naked each day?

Is it just that fleeting moment when you look at yourself in the mirror as you wait for the shower to heat up? 

Or maybe when you catch a glimpse of yourself in your bedroom mirror when you are getting changed or having sex.

Studies have found spending time doing ‘clothing optional activities’ - activities where you are fully or partially naked outdoors and/or in the company of others - can improve body image and self-esteem which leads to an increase in life satisfaction. 

The study also found that seeing other people naked - real people, not ones that uphold unrealistic beauty standards in media - was also a strong predictor for positive body image. 

While full-frontal nudity is difficult for us to capture on camera (thanks to annoying censorship regulations on social media platforms), we hope Naked Week will get you talking about how we can celebrate different bodies and the stories they tell. 

So what’s happening?

To kick off the week, Re: News journalist Liam van Eeden asks an OnlyFans creator in the top 0.2% worldwide about what it takes to make $5k a week on the platform. 

On Tuesday, guest writer Ataria Sharman looks into how colonisation has changed the relationship between Māori and the naked body

And Former Re: News journalist Matiu Hamuera takes to the streets to ask people if they think it’s ethical to keep their exes nudes. Is it?

On Wednesday, Re: News contributor Alana Rae looks into why the common condition vaginismus - the involuntary tensing of the vagina - is still so taboo to talk about.

On Thursday, an asexual sex worker shares with me why sex work is the most empowering job they’ve ever had. 

I also bust the stupid myth that using a vibrator desensitises your clitoris.

On Friday, a Re: News contributor shares her experience of being diagnosed with herpes and the journey she has gone on to get past the stigma. 

We are also bringing back some of our favourite stories from the past including a look into Christchurch’s nudist community and an investigation into post-nut clarity - is it a thing? You’ll soon find out. 

Lastly Re: News journalist Baz Macdonald and Head of Content Anna Harcourt give you an intimate glimpse into what it’s like for their friend to get top surgery - a gender affirming procedure to remove breast tissue - in Aotearoa. 

So stay tuned! It’s gonna be good.