Teachers tell us why they are striking

“My salary is about $50,000 and I’ve been a teacher for six years now. It’s not enough.”

Tens of thousands of teachers walked off the job today to fight for more pay and support in the classroom. 

It led to the closure of most schools around the country, with around 800,000 students affected, according to 1News. 

While fair pay was a key issue, teachers said they were also fighting for more support and resources to help them keep teaching.

“I have to deal daily with ADHD, English as a second language, refugee children, the effects of Covid-19 with children having missed a lot of school, super diversity, trauma, our autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia,” one teacher told Re: News.

“That's in one classroom. And there's one of me. I don't have the adequate support to be a quality teacher. I can't do this for much longer.”

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