Your Favourite Rapper's Favourite Rapper

Your favourite rapper nominates a rapper for their Red Bull 64 Bars debut. Here's some of the best rising hip hop talent in Aotearoa.

A 64 Bars debut from Ranuimarz that’s “full of mana”

“When they hear Ranuimarz, they know exactly where I’m from.”

Ranuimarz and fellow West Aucklander Melodownz meet up ahead of Ranuimarz’s explosive 64 Bars debut at Red…

20-year-old Shiraz is “the most underrated MC in the country”

Shiraz used to keep his rapping a secret. Now, he’s being called the most underrated rapper in New Zealand by one of his inspirations, Dirty. Shiraz…

Waguan raps about social justice while making you dance

“We out here talking about social justice and twerking.”

Making people dance while rapping about social justice can seem like an unlikely combo. But for Waguan, like…

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