Sound Check

Sound Check is a series where we check in with musicians who were on the verge of breakthroughs... before a global pandemic happened.

Made with support from NZ on Air.

Sound Check: HIGH HØØPS on how NZ music can emerge stronger from Covid

The music industry is suffering, but it might emerge from this pandemic stronger than before.

Sound Check: Randa rejects the productivity myth

And they talk gender identity, and dealing with OCD before and during Covid.

Sound Check: Folk singer Holly Arrowsmith is rebuilding a housebus and her dreams

All of Holly's shows for the year are cancelled, so now she's turning an old bus into a house.

Sound Check: Indie-pop duo Imugi 이무기

Yery and Carl tell us how they're looking after themselves as the music industry slows down.

Sound Check: Merk carries on

We check in with artists who were on the verge of breakthroughs - before a global pandemic happened.

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