Re:hearsal Room

Up and coming musicians in Aotearoa show us what they're about.

Re:hearsal Room: Mazbou Q

Mazbou Q (formerly Unchained XL) talks tapping into Pan-Africanism in his music, being united against imperialism and, really, just being a dope rapper.

Re:hearsal Room: Swizl Jager

Swizl Jager is all about using as much te reo in his music as he can. He talks about "keeping it reo" and the joys of…

Re:hearsal Room: Raiza Biza

What's it like to move to NZ and feel the pressure to fulfill the classic immigrant's tale? That is: get educated, make lots of money and…

Re:hearsal Room: Bobandii

Bobandii can only cry when he's making music - and he thinks maybe that's why he's a musician. He talks self-exploration, putting out music as a…

Re:hearsal Room: Lachie Hayes

Southland musician Lachie Hayes talks blues, cowboy movies, and how locals in the old days had to make their own entertainment... so they became musicians.

Re:hearsal Room: Nikita Tu-Bryant

Nikita Tu-Bryant talks us through her songwriting process and how she's moving on from writing songs about heartbreak, in our second installment of Re:hearsal Room.

Re:hearsal Room: Bored Housewives Club

For our first ever episode of Re:hearsal Room, we get to know Bored Housewives Club, who describe themselves as "a pair of cute punks making guitar…

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