It is now illegal to deny someone a service - such as renting a home or using public transport - because they have a disability assist dog.

The Human Rights (Disabiltiy Assist Dogs Non-Discrimination) Amendment Bill passed its third reading in Parliament yesterday with unanimous support.

Former Green Party MP Mojo Mathers introduced this bill to Parliament when she was still an MP in 2015.

In a statement, she said this bill was dedicated to the late Murray Whittington and his hearing service dog Frodo.

"Murray couldn't find anywhere to live because property managers refused to rent to him just because he had a disability assist dog,” Mathers said. 

"I drafted my bill because people need to stop viewing disability assist dogs as 'just a pet' and excluding people who have them from everyday life. 

“Finding somewhere to live is already hard enough, but to have your rental application turned down time and time again purely because you have a disability assist dog is just wrong.”

Mathers said this law makes it clear that disabled people cannot be denied services just because they are accompanied by an animal.

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