Uber drivers deal with a lot of shit. But who knew having a chainsaw, fish, and false teeth left in your back seat would be part of the job too?

That’s right, Uber New Zealand has released its annual Lost and Found Index and these were some of the strangest things people left behind in 2022. 

The other weird items to make the list were a fishing rod and also a fish (but it's not clear if these were in the same trip), one jandal, a tattoo set, a chilly bin, a cricket bat, Lotto tickets, and even a cat flap door. 

In one single Uber trip, someone also managed to leave behind a (presumably cooked) chicken, chocolate, and five medals. Obviously a big day. 

Tauranga came out on top as the “most forgetful” region in New Zealand, followed by Palmerston North, Dunedin, Christchurch, and Auckland. 

If you are already guilty of leaving something behind in a Uber, you might want to be extra cautious in April. April 2, 9, and 1 were the three most forgetful days of 2022. 

And it’s no surprise 4am and Saturdays are the most popular times to leave things behind. We can assume other substances are at play here and getting home is a feat in itself. So, well done. 

The most common medical and beauty items that get left behind are diabetes insulin, false teeth, lip balm, hair clips, and wigs. 

As expected, the most commonly left items in general are clothes, especially blazers, hats, and shoes - specifically Birkenstocks, jandals, and high heels. After that, phones, cameras, bags, and wallets were forgotten about the most. 

So, make sure to have a good check around your seat before you hop out of your Uber next time because you never know what you might be leaving behind - or what you might just happen to find…

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