By 48Hours

Introducing the 48Hours 2021 Grand National Champion… ‘Good Girl’ by Traces of Nut.

In ‘Good Girl’, a professional dog walker becomes immersed in a self-help podcast and finds herself treading dangerous territory. The short film features excellent acting by Emma Draper as the dog walker, and a distinguished performance by leading dog Winchester Hewiberts the First.

“Traces of Nut reject the age-old adage ‘never work with animals and children’ and advances to the front of the pack with their entertaining splatter film ‘ Good Girl’,” says 48Hours organiser Ness Patea.

This is the second time Traces of Nut have taken home the grand prize, with the first time being in 2013. This year, Traces of Nut have also won Best Director and Best Script for ‘Good Girl’.


Here’s the full list of winners from 48Hours 2021:

Grand National Champion - ‘Good Girl’ by Traces of Nut (Wellington).

Grand National Runner-up - ‘A Matter of Time’ by Apple Fork (Auckland)

Grand National 2nd Runner-up - ‘Āta’ by Mitchell’s Here (Auckland)


Ant Timpson's Best Solo/Duo Award

‘Rekindled Spirits’ - Pastafarian Productions (Taranaki) - Hannah Taylor 


Best Ultra

‘The Sounds of Earth’- A Small Blob Of Ice Cream (Christchurch) - Andrew Todd


The Gaylene Preston and WIFT Best Female Director Award

‘Rekindled Spirits’ - Pastafarian Productions (Taranaki) - Hannah Taylor 


Best Director

 ‘Good Girl’ - Traces of Nut (Wellington) - Dean Hewison


Best School Team

‘Sharla and The Smiths’ - Howie Mandel Film Club - Newlands College (Wellington)


Best Performer

Rosie Howell - ‘Hydrangea’ - Tasteful Sideboob (Wellington)


Best Script

‘Good Girl’ - Traces of Nut (Wellington)


Best Cinematography

‘Memories of Kevin’ - Angle3 Pictures (Auckland) - Daryl J Wong


Best Production Design

‘DAS BANANA-BOOT’ - Qualified Tim (Wellington) - Tim Hamilton


Best Animation

‘Loot & Blunder’ - I Love Loops (Auckland) 


Best VFX

‘Banana Boys’ - Disqualified Tim (Auckland) 


Best Editing

‘Pre-Emptive Defence’- Couch Kumara (Wellington) - Finn O'Connor


Best Sound Design

‘Banana Boys’ - Disqualified Tim (Wellington) - George Palmer and Callum Scott


Best Original Score/Song

‘Making A Splash’ - Chillybox (Auckland) - Gareth Van Niekerk


Grand National Finalists:

Apple Fork - ‘A Matter Of Time’

Awkward Animations - ‘Unfinished Symphony’

BAE24 - ‘The Dying Art of Cat Burglary’

Couch Kumara - ‘Pre-Emptive Defence’

Disqualified Tim - ‘We built and destroyed a full sized B17 bomber specifically and only for this competition. Also known as "Banana Boys"’

Dystography Studios - ‘The Last Lord of Scotland’

Traces of Nut - ‘Good Girl’

I Love Loops - ‘Loot & Blunder’

Kinaki - ‘Good as Gold’

Mitchell's Here - ‘Āta’

Qualified Tim - ‘We built and destroyed a full sized cardboard u-boat specifically and only for this competition. also known as “DAS BANANA-BOOT”’

Snack To The Future - ‘Judy’

Tasteful Sideboob - ‘Hydrangea’

The Creamery - ‘In Deep’

Underwater Dreams - ‘Jebivetar’


Ant Timpson Wildcards:

Cyan Sea - Max 

Free Cinematic Luts - Shit Chat

Pastafarian Productions - Rekindled Spirits