First of all, don't get us wrong, Facebook can be great! We'll still be putting our content up there but we're going to focus on our website for a while.

We found that more and more often Facebook was automatically taking our content down due to their policies and restrictions. Sort of like they were censoring what we could say. As a news voice dedicating to lifting up other, less-heard voices from around Aotearoa, we thought a website that we control would be the best way to continue publishing content without restrictions.

We don't have comment sections on our website at the moment. Largely this is because our content is also published to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram - all platforms where comment sections run wild.

Comment sections can get out of control, so while we're still a small team, we're leaving the commenting to the social media platforms. But if you think it's important to have commenting available on this sit as well, let us know.

We do encourage the sharing of our content, and we love hearing what our viewers think - so feel free to sound off on social media.

We're glad you asked! 

We work with contributors all around the country, whether they make videos, write articles or take a mean photo. 

Head here to fill out a contact form telling us a little bit about your video and why you think it would fit on Re: and we'll be in touch.

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