Episode three of Disruptors pairs up the incoming and outgoing producers-in-residence at Basement Theatre – Elyssia Wilson-Heti and Alice Kirker. If, like us, you’re still a little confused about what producers actually do, tune in. 

Elyssia and Alice share a passion for creating work that celebrates body positive, something they say inherently puts them in a disruptive space. It’s a position they are more than comfortable with as they consciously make work outside traditional bounds. 

“This idea of needing a seat at the table I’ve always found problematic,” says Elyssia. “If you’re still the only one person who isn’t usually on that table, quite frankly fuck your table. I’ll make my own table.” 

Disruptors is a podcast series where creatives in Aotearoa talk about how they disrupt with their art, produced by Basement Theatre.