Hannah Filmer

Covid update May 8: 5,647 new cases, 3 deaths

A case of the BA.5 variant has been discovered at Aotearoa's border for the first time.

Covid update May 7: 6,745 new cases, 15 in ICU.

There are 339 people in hospital, and 12 deaths being reported.

Covid update April 24: 5662 new cases, 9 deaths

There are 490 people currently in hospital, with 20 of those in ICU.

Covid update April 23: 7,930 cases, 19 deaths

Of the 494 people in hospital, 15 are in ICU.

Covid update April 10: 6,718 new cases, 604 in hospital

Of the hospitalisations, 22 are in ICU. There are 12 deaths reported today.

Covid update April 9: 8,531 new cases, 11 deaths

There are 635 people in hospital, with 18 in ICU.

Covid update March 29: 17,148 new cases, 842 hospitalisations

There are 26 people in ICU. 34 people with the virus have died in the past 10 days.

Covid update March 28: 12,882 community cases, 861 hospitalisations

There are 11 Covid deaths today. They are in Auckland, Waikato, MidCentral and Nelson Marlborough.

Covid update March 27: 10,239 cases, 4 deaths

There are 848 people in hospital, with 28 of those people in ICU.

Covid update March 26: 14,175 cases, 20 deaths

There are 841 people in hospital, with 27 of those in ICU.

Covid update March 20: 12,020 community cases

There are updates on testing requirements for some flights coming in from Samoa.

Covid update March 19: 18,514 new cases

There are 939 people in hospital, with 24 in ICU. Ten people have unfortunately died.

Covid update March 6: 15,161 cases

618 people are in hospital. There has been one death reported today.

Covid update March 5: 18,833 new community cases, 10 in ICU

There are 597 in hospital, and five new deaths to report today.

Covid update Feb 24: 6137 new community cases

There are 205 people in hospital, and one person has died.

Covid update Feb 20: 2522 new community cases

Rapid antigen tests will be made available to certain people on Monday.

Covid update Feb 19: 1901 new cases today

More than 2.1 million boosters have been given nationally.

Covid update Feb 18: 1,929 new community cases

Of the new cases, 1384 are in Auckland.

Covid update Feb 11: 446 new cases today

More than 50,000 people received a booster shot yesterday.

Covid update Feb 10: 306 new community cases today

Southern DHB has recorded its first Covid-19 case in Queenstown.

Otago University is asking students not to party with Omicron looming

Otago University students have been asked to "put parties on the pause".

Covid update Feb 7: 188 new cases

There were 24,935 booster doses administered on Waitangi Day yesterday.

Covid update Feb 6: 208 new community cases

More than 48,000 booster shots were administered yesterday.

Covid update Feb 5: 243 new cases

More than 66,000 boosters were administered yesterday, the record number so far.

Pacific community receives funds to help with Covid-19 booster and child vaccination uptake

The boost is to support the Prepare Pacific Community Vaccination Fund in wake of Omicron.

Covid update Feb 2: 142 new cases

6 people are in hospital with the virus.

School uniforms are sexist and uncomfortable: new research

Research shows school uniforms restrict physical activity

Covid update Jan 26: 23 community cases, 15 new Omicron cases

There are 56 community cases that have been confirmed or suspected of being the Omicron variant.

Covid update Jan 24: 25 new Covid-19 cases

There are eight new cases of Omicron today.

Life with Omicron overseas: What we need to prepare for

As Omicron arrives in the country, expats explain how they're living with it.